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Why Hiring a Car Could Be a Better Option Than Buying

When you own a car, you are committed to a number of associated running costs. So, if you don’t need to drive every day, then why not consider hiring a car, as and when you need to? Instead of buying a vehicle, not only will you be helping to save the planet, but you may also save more money in the long run.

Working away

If you’re centrally based in an urban location, you may find that you only use your car occasionally. If you sometimes have to travel a long distance for work, it can prove cheaper to hire a vehicle when you go away, rather than permanently owning one. If you’re part of a team that works away, then it’s usually less costly and more environmentally friendly to rent a car and travel together as a group.

Moving items for work
If you run a business that requires items being moved on an ad hoc basis, then it might work out cheaper to hire a vehicle for this very purpose. When you choose a vehicle for your exact needs, you can also select a suitable size for your intended load.

 Moving office or house

Why make several trips to your new office or home, when you can simply hire a larger vehicle to move as much as possible all in one go? Not only will you be reducing the level of polluting vehicle transmissions, but you will be saving precious working time too.

Before you rent a car or van, here are seven important checks you ought to make:

  1. Check the reviews – always book your car hire through a recommended and trusted company.
  2. Check any excesses – this includes theft protection and the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). It might be worth taking out Excess Reimbursement Insurance, if the excess is very high.
  3. Check the details – make sure you have all the info you need to hand before booking. For example, do you need to hire a child seat, or will anyone else be sharing the driving with you?
  4. Check your credit limit – do you have enough credit to make the deposit and to cover the excess? You will need to use a credit card in the person named on the car rental booking form.
  5. Check the latest Brexit news – if you plan to drive in Europe, an international driving permit may soon be required. Keep an eye on any updates by visiting this website: gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-the-eu-after-brexit.
  6. Check the vehicle – before you drive away, always inspect the car in case of any dents or scratches. It’s a good idea to take photographs of the bodywork, bumpers wheels, windscreen and wing mirrors.
  7. Checks for when you return the vehicle – you will need to fill up with fuel, so make sure you keep the receipt. If you are returning to an airport and your flight has been delayed, then let the rental office know, as this may affect your reservation.

Lastly, always question anything you don’t understand on a rental contract, so you are 100% happy that you have hired the right vehicle for your needs.

If you are thinking of hiring a car or van, then why not check availability on our  rental website? Call 0116 282 6667 for advice.

Helping With Car Repairs & Helping The Community

It’s been a really busy year at Jordan Motors! As a family business, our focus is on helping our customers with their car repairs and services, as well as giving back to our local community. So, in this festive round up, we thought we would share some of the different ways we support our chosen charities and how we offer reassurance to our customers.


We help you spread the cost of repairs
We know how difficult it can be to pay for urgent car repairs and MOTs, especially with Christmas just around the corner. Did you know that many of our customers opt for a payment plan to spread the cost? As a Servicesure Appointed Centre, we offer interest-free, monthly instalments, so you can rest assured when it comes to your car expenses.


We are part of the Good Garage Scheme

The Good Garage Scheme gives you full peace of mind when it comes to your motoring needs. As a Good Garage Scheme member, we must perform to their strict Code of Conduct. We are very proud of our excellent rating on their website – see our customer reviews…


We support LOROS
LOROS is a local charity that’s very close to our hearts, which is why we have supported the incredible work carried out by this hospice for many years. We have a LOROS donation station in our reception area. So, if you’re thinking of having a pre-Christmas clear out, then why not bring any unwanted clothes, shoes and toys down to our garage?


Santa Run for Rainbows
This year’s chosen charity for the Santa Run is Rainbows children’s hospice. In previous years, we have supported The Salvation Army, The Laura Centre, LOROS and MacMillan Nurses. Santa Run 2019 takes place on Sunday 22 December and Monday 23 December, and will also be in memory of Doug Lines, who used to open his home in The Burrows each year to raise funds for Rainbows.

On Sunday, the Santa Run will start at 16:00 with Copt Oak Gardens being the last visit and on Monday, we will start at 18:30 from Carlton Avenue to McDowell Way. You can follow the Santa Run on Facebook.


Christmas Tree Festival, Braunstone

Continuing with our festive theme, we are also supporting the second Christmas Tree Festival at St Peter’s Church in Braunstone. It’s always such a joy to see people’s creativity being expressed through their beautiful trees! Follow our Facebook page for photos.


We would like to wish all of our customers and our local community a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

If you need to book a car repair, or you just need advice on a potential vehicle problem, then don’t hesitate to get in touch online or call us directly on 0116 289 2308.

– if you want to keep up to date with what’s required when visiting the EU in a leased car, we recommend checking this website: www.gov.uk/guidance/driving-in-the-eu-after-brexit.


5 Important Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

If you are not prepared for driving in bad weather, you could be putting you and your family in danger. In our recent newsletter, we shared a few useful tips to help you stay safe on the road. So, in this blog, we take a closer look at some of the ways you can prepare your car for bad weather and the winter months ahead.

  1. Pack your car with essential items
    If your car has a breakdown or you’re stuck in a serious motorway incident, you could be waiting around for hours. Be prepared for the worst by having a blanket, bottle of water, a snack, such as nuts or chocolate, a torch and a warning triangle in the car boot. A spare travel battery pack for charging your mobile phone is also very useful, especially if you have to turn your engine off.
  2. Check your car before you set off
    There are some basic checks you can easily do yourself, which includes topping up your windscreen washer fluid with anti-freeze, checking that your lights are working and that you have enough air in your tyres, as well as your oil level. We also advise checking your coolant and brake fluid levels; if these appear to have significantly reduced over a short time period, this could be a sign that something may be wrong with your car.
  3. Driving in bad weather
    Obvious as it may sound, always remember to adjust your driving to match the weather conditions. Torrential rain will cause water to pool on the road, which then acts as a lubricant and leads to slippery tyres. Slow down, allow more stopping distance, and change down your gears to reduce your speed, instead of slamming on the brakes.
  4. Arrange a car safety check
    If you are unsure about your tyres or worried about your car battery, then we advise booking a safety check. At Jordan Motors, we only charge £10 to carry out a car safety check. And, we are happy to check your tyres free of charge.
  5. Book an annual service
    One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to make sure that you book an annual service before any bad weather sets in. A basic service includes checking your tyres, oil levels, wiper fluid, anti-freeze and brake fluid, and will reduce your chances of a car breakdown.

Driving unprepared in bad weather can be really dangerous, so keep you and your family safe by following our tips above.

If you would like to
book a service or car safety check, get in touch online or call us directly on 0116 289 2308.


Having a pre-Christmas clear out? Help us support LOROS by filling the donation station in our reception area with no longer needed items, such as clothes, shoes and toys.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for Santa Run dates in December! Help us support Rainbows Hospice by donating a selection box – please call 0116 289 2308 for details.

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